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Twelve people. One table. Unusual locations.

Trestle brings together twelve people to share good food in unusual spaces. Appearing once a month, the menu, the guests and the location may change but the table remains the same.

Events & Booking

  1. October '14 - The Mills
    Fri 3rd / Sat 4th *Tickets available*
  2. August '14 - The Extension Sold out
  3. July '14 - The Brewery Sold out
  4. June '14 - The Bookshop Sold out
  5. May '14 - The Secret Sold out
Trestle at Canal Mills

October '14 - The Mills
Brewers Market, Canal Mills Leeds.

Beery treats are in order for October as we take the table to Brewers Market - a 3 day beer festival. To fit in with our surroundings we're offering guests beer matching and free entry to the festival as part of the ticket price.

Tickets are £40 and limited to 12 places per session.

Tickets are available Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th. To secure your place - buy them online here.

Trestle at Friends of Ham

August '14 - The Extension
Friends of Ham, Leeds.

We took the table to Friends of Ham's new extended space to the left of the existing bar. The space was still mid-conversion, so our guests were the first people to eat and drink in there before it opens to the public in the autumn. It was the usual drill, 6 courses of delicious food shared with 12 people around our table.


July '14 - The Brewery
Northern Monk Brew Co, Leeds.

We moved the table to Northern Monk Brew Co's new home in Leeds, for two nights in July. We had rubble, large open spaces, the smell of hops and of course some fantastic cooking.

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June '14 - The Bookshop.
Colours May Vary, Leeds.

Thursday 19th June & Friday 20th June *Sold out*.

We took the table to independent bookshop Colours May Vary, Leeds, for our first public Trestle event.

Thanks to the 24 guests we welcomed over the 2 nights. You can see Justin Slee's beautiful photos from the first evening here.

If you've missed out, make sure you receive future ticket links before general release, by signing up to our mailing list below.

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May '14 - The Secret.
Somewhere near Leeds

At an undisclosed countryside location somewhere on the outskirts of Leeds, we held a pre-launch dinner for our first ever Trestle diners.

*Photos by Giles Smith.. View the full gallery here.

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